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About Mikri Vigla

Used in the old days as a lookout for pirates, MikriVigla is one of the most diverse and beautiful places to visit. Cedar forests, rocky hills and crystal blue waters compose this astonishing and unique setting. A hill in the south west overlooks the Aegean sea, the rocks engraved with ancient inscriptions and messages.

The two beaches, one on either side of the hill offer two completely different settings that cater for all tastes. To the south the beach of Mikri Vigla with calm clear waters. Sheltered by the winds the visitor can relax and enjoy the sea. Cedar trees, sand dunes and dried salt complement this calm vista.

To the west the beach of Orkos, where strong winds make it the ideal destination for wind and kite surfers. One of the most popular destinations worldwide for water sport enthusiasts, the horizon is constantly littered with surfboards riding the waves.

Only 12km from Chora and the port of Naxos, Mikri Vigla is a little, self sufficient community that can provide for every need. There are traditional tavernas for dining, supermarkets for everyday shopping, bars and cafeterias where you can chill out, public transport and car rental services. With everything one might need within walking distance, Mikri Vigla is the ideal gateway to explore the rest of the beautiful island of Naxos.


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About Naxos

Rich in history and tradition, an island truly blessed by the gods, Naxos is the crown jewel of the Cyclades, a sunny paradise on earth in the middle of the Aegean sea, waiting to be discovered and explored.

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